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10 March 2008 @ 15:02
The War (Elizabeth/Ronon) [NC-17]  
Title: The War
Author: heimedall
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Elizabeth/Ronon
Genre: Drama, action, romance.
Warnings: Spanking, slight bondage.
Spoilers: None, set in season 2/early 3
Beta: allie_sheppard
Summary: A trip to the New Athosian homeland Karyes puts Elizabeth and Ronon into an unusual siltation on a completely different planet.

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Lissalissax on 10th March 2008 19:54 (UTC)
Lovely fic. I'm in love with this pairing. xD I think you did it justice.
Heimedallheimedall on 10th March 2008 21:54 (UTC)
Thank you, I try to go for the rare ones that no one thinks will work and try to prove them wrong :)
Mish: Team -- Old Style (anim)hsapiens on 17th April 2008 20:38 (UTC)
Totally off topic...

I posted a poll several weeks ago, asking if people were interested in an SG-1 LIMS competition. I told everyone who commented on that entry that we'd decided to open one, but I just remembered today to look at everyone who *voted* in the poll and be certain to tell them we'd opened a community.

If you're still interested, we've opened sg1_lims and the sign-up post is here. The caps for the first six challenges have already been posted and the first challenge formally starts tonight. We'd love to have you join us!
Heimedallheimedall on 17th April 2008 20:44 (UTC)
I'll have to pass this round, I might be able to join next time :)
Mish: Team -- Sam & Cam & Valahsapiens on 17th April 2008 20:48 (UTC)
I'm sorry for that but I know how much there is competing for our fandom time. If you want to vote, that's still an option. No matter what, please consider the invitation open for the second round!
Heimedallheimedall on 17th April 2008 21:05 (UTC)
thanks, i've already bookmarked for voting :)