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08 August 2009 @ 17:15
For merlin20in20 Round 1  

Moved to muses_media
I'm not weird, I'm limited editionanuna_81 on 9th August 2009 07:52 (UTC)
I don't even watch this show, but these are stunning. You make gorgeous icons. :)
Heimedallheimedall on 9th August 2009 08:19 (UTC)
Thank you :) I've made a lot recently I was starting to wonder if I'd reached a point where it looks like I don't care anymore :)
t e g a n ;: garrett hedlund // :Dxxcrimsoneyesxx on 9th August 2009 08:38 (UTC)
These are great!!
I love the red ones and natural :D
Heimedallheimedall on 9th August 2009 08:39 (UTC)
I love that one, a great picture choice if I do say so myself :) Thanks