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20 November 2009 @ 17:52
Destiny and Miracles  
Title: Destiny and Miracles
Authors: heimedall and vamp926
Beta: bonesaholic
Art work: Destiny and Miracles by milanthruill

Rating: NC-17
Characters: Jethro Gibbs, Kate Todd, Ziva David, Tony DiNozzo, Abby Scuito, Timothy McGee + Originals.
Pairings: Kate/Gibbs, Ziva/Tony
Chapters: 12
Word Count: 22,423
Spoilers: None
Genre: AU, Action, Drama

Warnings: Language, Graphic Sex
Disclaimer: If we owned these characters, there would be a lot more weird things happening in the show – not to mention a few relationships!

Summary: While on a vacation meant to fix their failing marriages, Jethro and Kate, and Tony and Ziva, find themselves stranded on a deserted island, thinking back to the events that had brought them to this point.

Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 || Chapter 3 || Chapter 4 || Chapter 5 || Chapter 6 || Chapter 7 || Chapter 8 || Chapter 9 || Chapter 10 || Chapter 11 || Chapter 12