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I was going to put my latest stories in this section, but I've recently changed my mind on that... A few friends of mine and I got together and started a new place to store our artwork, icons and stories so we can keep our journals for our own stuff and everything else is separate - less messy, well the idea is sound!

My stories are slowly being moved/posted to muses_media, I haven't created the work lists for us yet, but I will be working on that before Christmas. But you can find my work by my tag. I still have a lot more to post, so keep checking.

What I do... that's loaded, I have way too much going on at any one time and I have promised friends I'd stop starting projects, but I seem addicted!

My communities:
ncis_shared - Sharing all sorts of NCIS stuff, there's a hidden area for members to get extra things I won't mention here.
ncis_fan_guide - A guide to NCIS on the internet, though this is likely to be something I'll drop in the future, just not right now.
ncis20in20 - 20 icons in 20 days for NCIS, it's an icon challenge, I have quite a few comms open for these challenges, but only a couple of them are active and I recently handed off Fringe to a friend.
ncisla20in20 - 20 icons in 20 days for NCIS: Los Angeles
bones20in20 - 20 icons in 20 days for Bones
glee20in20 - 20 icons in 20 days for Glee
camelot_rp (and camelot_ooc) - Role playing game for Merlin, initially started with a friend, but now completely in my hands - it did die for a bit, but we're making a comeback

ncis_caption - Caption contest for NCIS (owned by vamp926)
bones_caption - Caption contest for Bones (owned by vamp926)
glee_caption - Caption contest for Glee (owned by vamp926)
merlin20in20 - 20 icons in 20 days for Merlin (owned by xxcrimsoneyesxx)

For Fun:
stargate20in20 - Stargate 20 icons in 20 days
scifipair20in20 - Sci-fi Pair 20 icons in 20 days
startrek20in20 - Star Trek 20 icons in 20 days
sg1_lims - Last icon maker standing for SG-1, I never last long in these!
ncis_lfws - Last fiction writer standing for NCIS
ncis_land - Games and challenges for NCIS
bonesland - Games and challenges for Bones
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